March 11, 2007

Romance Novel
Jacumã, Brazil

One of the reasons that I started traveling was to find new passions and encourage the development of new skills and talents that normally would have gone undiscovered in my previous lifestyle. I had no idea what they could be—playing the steel drums for all I knew (although this has since been eliminated from the list).

One of the things I did discover was that of reading and writing for pleasure. I'd very rarely read books for pleasure before leaving the U.S., and now I can't find enough of them. I consume novels these days like they were Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

I also take a considerable amount of time, effort, and money to write for pleasure (and publish it on this Web site). Travelvice is less a stream-of- consciousness type of blog, but has found a home in educational story telling. I enjoying inserting facts and bits of trivia about the culture of the city or country that I'm in, or even that of the nomadic backpacking lifestyle that I've embraced.

So many memories are made each day, and I tend to forget details over time. The writing of this site serves as a snapshot in time that won't be lost, and can be accessed by all.

So then I get to thinking, how can I write for pleasure and make money? Travel writing doesn't pay very well. I'd be better off teaching English as a second language if I was looking to make some cash.

So I'm slowly coming to the realization that I will begin writing a book in the near future—although not the type you would have probably expected. I'm thinking something more along the lines of one of those trashy, paperback romance novels you'd find in an airport bookstore.

My good friend Matt saw an e-mail that I sent off to a girl some time ago, and said "Seriously, if you could write an entire book of crap like that, you'd be the next romantic hero to a generation of lustful, longing women…" I got to thinking—you know, I bet I could.

I've already got a general plot brainstormed, and just need to start developing the two main characters a bit more. Lord knows that the salacious parts will be easy enough to write.

I will most likely have to author this under a pseudonym, as a romantic thriller by Craig Heimburger doesn't really catch the eye in the good way. It will probably be a female name, but something catchy—Olivia Olinda, perhaps.

I need to do some research, as I suppose I've actually never read a romance novel before. I've grabbed a few in the past and read a random page or two, but that's about it.

My biggest obstacles are going to be time and return on investment. I keep fairly busy during the day, and writing for Travelvice can often consume an entire evening. Where would I find the time to write a book?

I also have a tendency to desire a speedy return on an investment of time or money. I get a return on my investment of time and energy when I take something I've typed, put it online, and receive a comment or e-mail about it. This makes me happy—instant reward. A book would be a much longer process (given the amount of time I could allot to it per week), and less prone to acts of gratification (aside from mailing chapters to close friends and family for feedback).

It might take a year or two to eventually hammer this out, but I've got plenty of time to have fun giving the novelist thing a shot.



March 12th, 2007

I am sure you would make a very good romatic novel writer. Be careful, you could become the heroe of an entire generation of young hopeless women.


March 14th, 2007

After following along enjoying your travels, here's another version of the Name Game.
Your middle name plus the name of the street you grew up on for your porn star alias. Thought might be helpful after reading of a recent photo shoot. Travel on, "Klaus Chestnut"

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