December 12, 2008

2008 Travelvice Country Awards
Plovdiv, Bulgaria

A collection of fictitious awards for the foreign countries that I've traveled in this year (Peru, Ecuador, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria):

  • Scariest place to cross or walk down the street as a pedestrian (crime, traffic and corrupt police): Peru
  • Scariest place to cross or walk down the street as a pedestrian (aggressive carnival antics): Ecuador
  • All-around safest: Slovakia
  • Best UNESCO World Heritage site: Romania
  • Best monument: Bulgaria
  • Best place to commune with nature: Romania
  • Most alluring place to ride a bicycle through: Slovakia
  • Best border crossing (ease, scenic): Łysa Polana, Poland
  • Best sunsets: Slovakia
  • Best vista: Romania
  • Best beach: Bulgaria
  • Worst beach: Peru
  • Best budget accommodations: Ecuador
  • Best accommodation paid for: Poland
  • Worst accommodation for the price: Slovakia
  • Most expensive dorm bed: Hungary
  • Best street food, and variety there of: Ecuador
  • Best price and selection of supermarket food: Hungary
  • Worst price and selection of supermarket food: Romania
  • Most expensive vegetables: Romania
  • Best place to buy baby products: Hungary
  • Most expensive baby products: Romania
  • Most undrinkable tap water: Peru
  • Cheapest soda: Slovakia
  • Cheapest beer: Peru
  • Best beer: Bulgaria
  • Best display of fireworks (professional): Hungary
  • Best display of fireworks (illegal): Peru
  • Best radio: Slovakia
  • Worst road: Romania
  • Best roads: Slovakia
  • Easiest to navigate: Romania
  • Best mass-transit: Hungary
  • Most beautiful, modern train: Romania
  • Most stressful train ride: Romania
  • Sweatiest transport: Slovakia
  • Worst airport departure tax: Peru
  • Most expensive bus travel: Slovakia
  • Most expensive train travel: Romania
  • Cleanest: Slovakia
  • Dirtiest: Peru
  • Noisiest: Peru
  • Most peaceful: Slovakia
  • Worst CouchSurfing experience: Hungary
  • Best shopping (budget): Peru
  • Best shopping (designer): Hungary
  • Best shopping (secondhand): Romania
  • Strangest superstitions: Peru
  • Most difficult language: Hungary
  • Most personable locals: Slovakia
  • Most attractive women: Hungary
  • Most attractive men: Poland
  • Most promiscuous women (local, tourist): Peru
  • Easiest place for a guy to get laid (by a woman): Peru
  • Most amount of time spent within: Peru
  • Least amount of time spent within: Ecuador
  • Most likely to return to: Ecuador
  • Least likely to return to: Romania
  • Most unexpected delight: Slovakia
  • Most overrated preconception: Bulgaria
  • Best bang for your buck: Peru

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The United States


March 18th, 2010

I am pleasently surprised that no "worst award" was given to BG. Usually western tourists can't wait to slam the country.

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