November 27, 2008

A Bulgarian Thanksgiving
Shumen, Bulgaria

Thanksgiving is one of those inviting American holidays that I wish more countries of the world had their own version of. Food, family and giving thanks—not a bad message (although the food gluttony I suppose we could do without).

But I awoke this morning without much of a desire to celebrate the day. I'm not quite sure how to describe it other than a lack of spirit. This year I could've easily passed today off as any other day, but Tatiana, fueled by the notion of our first true family Thanksgiving (meaning us plus Aidric) has motivated her to step up to take the reins on the day's evening meal.

There's much to be thankful for, but I don't need a holiday to make me reflect on such things.

Our host and Tatiana went shopping while I minded Aidric at the flat. My broken foot is killing me from yesterday's climb that I certainly should've have done, but did anyway.

On today's Turkey Day menu was Tatiana's first attempt at making meat loaf (her selected recipe), frozen corn, mashed potatoes made by yours truly, and our American host's take on a traditional (spicy) Bulgarian salad—all washed down with some local beer.

We were happily joined by some gorgeous Bulgarian eye candy; a female friend of Josh's that I'm sure he's trying quite hard to make something happen with.

Tatiana's meatloaf actually turned out to be quite wonderful, and the conversation with Stella (the Bulgarian) really made the meal all that more entertaining and enjoyable. We're really quite happy she joined us.

Sadly, Aidric didn't get any of today's yummy food, but he did get stickers. :)

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