December 10, 2008

Central Heating Disabled
Kazanlăk, Bulgaria

There's no central heating in the apartment building that we're staying at. It's capable of it, but it's been shut off by the gas company or whomever is supposed to have been paid but wasn't.

Heating in the form of wall radiators is quite common in these parts, as is the custom of billing an entire building for the consumption of the fuel required to heat the water that runs through those radiator pipes. Tenants are responsible for chipping in their part, and when enough of them don't, the pipes go cold.

Sometimes this billing method is used just for electricity consumption, sometimes just for the natural gas, and sometimes for neither or both. This is the result of an annoying system—paying for your neighbor's excess or getting the heat turned off because enough tenants of the building won't pay up.


The United States

Bob L

February 5th, 2009

This is called Socialism. This is where many in the US want us to head towards.

The United States


March 18th, 2010

Wow, Bob. You are brilliant. How many people in the US don’t have heat, healthcare, basic education and roof over their head?

Places like these exist and when the communal heat is turned off (people live in a housing Co-op) you have a choice to use electricity to heat up.

Again when people are not informed they make the wrong conclusions.

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