December 20, 2008

Full-Page Web Site Screenshots
Devin, Bulgaria

Screenshot of the Screengrab! home page

So impressed am I by a FireFox extension/plug-in, that I feel overwhelmingly compelled to share. It's called Screengrab!, and is probably one of the most useful additions I've got installed for my browser.

Screengrab! is an extension for Firefox that makes it easy to save a web-page as an image. With it, you can save anything that you can see in a browser window - from a small selection, to a complete page.

Basically Screengrab! let’s you take what you want from a web-page: the entire scrollable document, just the visible bit, or a draggable selection. Screengrab will even save just the contents of an individual frame.

This extension is truly amazing, and has some excellent applications within the realm of travel.

I'm quite accustomed to saving pages for viewing/referencing offline, as I am also with printing pages off as PDF files for printing and the such. But with a simple right-click, Screengrab! allows me effortlessly save an entire webpage, regardless of its vertical length, as an image file (this is how I was able to capture that gallery of nude CouchSurfers). No need to use BrowserShots or paste together 'Alt-Print Screen' captures in Photoshop. It's lighting fast, simple to use, and great for archiving a visual collection of information.

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