November 29, 2008

Mobile Phone 'Clicking'
Varna, Bulgaria

While I was in Shumen the other day I introduced to a new term and technique here in Bulgaria. Known as 'clicking', folks dial a phone number from their cell, let it connect and ring once, then immediately hang up.

I watched as my host used this technique make contact with taxi companies, who immediately called him back!

Mobile phones in these parts run off pre-pay cards that you fill your phone balance up with. Incoming calls don't typically cost anything to the recipient, and 'clicking' is a way to push the cost of a conversation onto the other party. Used for both taxi companies and friends alike.




January 26th, 2009

we do it in romania too, but we call it beeping.

The United Kingdom


January 28th, 2009

Young people do this in a lot of countries. Sometimes to make the other party to call you, sometimes just to signal something, like I'll call you (and hangup) when I get on the bus,when I'm outside your house, etc

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