November 26, 2008

My Big Fat Greek New Year Plan
Shumen, Bulgaria

An idea popped into my head that I ran past Tatiana: What if we spent New Year's Eve in Greece? …Even better: Christmas and New Year's—but certainly being there for the turning of the year.

I shot off CouchSurfing inquires to a handful of people yesterday evening and got at least two positive hits from folks that'd be interested in hosting us around this time of year, in or around the large northern city of Thessaloniki.

I'm actually pretty excited by this idea; I have great memories of Greeks and New Year's from the States. We're going to be under a bit of pressure to move through Bulgaria in less than a month, but easily manageable compared to what we'll have to do in Greece. You see, the catch in this idea is that Tatiana is intending to fly out of Istanbul with Aidric back to the Americas shortly after his first birthday, on the 10th of January.

Greek airports can't get her back as cheaply as Istanbul can, and even if we did want to stay in the country, we can't. Our European Union 'Schengen Zone' time is nearly up, and we'd have to vacate the EU just a day or two after his birthday (even if it's just a border run to renew our visa). Annoying.

So, is it worth it to go all the way down into Greece for two weeks, then across into Istanbul for another week or so (including Aidric's birthday) before she has to leave? Maybe. Like I said, the notion of Greece over Bulgaria for New Year's is a very attractive one—sexy even. Breaking plates, drinking shots ouzo, energetic celebrations… Yes a lot of fun, but a lot of expensive travel to take us around so quickly.

We'll just have to see how December unfolds.


The United States


January 26th, 2009

Oh how I love Greece - you have to get there eventually!!

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