December 11, 2008

Prelude to a Plovdiv Party
Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Something new for us today was relocating to our next CouchSurfing host right alongside our previous hosts. As expected, Silviya and Peter were leaving Kazanlăk for Plovdiv to attend a (quasi CouchSurfing) Christmas party, which we were of course invited to as well.

When Silviya learned of the party and discovered on her own that we'd already lined up a host for the city (mental note: the CS community in Bulgaria seems to be quite well connected), she took to the initiative coordinated or arrival with the new couple we'd be staying with. (Her and Peter would be staying elsewhere, with the party hostess.)

Ivan and Nelly are popular hosts in the city for passing travelers, but the slightly peculiar pair doesn't seem to of have had many visitors who've stuck around for more than a night or two.

That might have nothing to do with them at all though. Plovdiv's Bulgaria's second largest city, a major transit hub, and generally of no interest to either of us. Just looking at the gray skyline from the 18th-story Communist-era apartment building is off-putting (except for the fact that this is the highest we've been in a structure in all of Eastern Europe, which is kinda cool):

(scroll the following panorama left and right)

Unfortunately, there's not even close to enough space for two adults and an infant to sleep on the little single bed in the living room… and without and other type of mattress or much in the way of blankets it looks like I'll be the one sleeping on the concrete floor for the duration of our time here. :\


The United States


March 18th, 2010

These housing developments are product of the communists. They remind me of the projects in all big US cities. Right next to the industrial part of the city. Too bad you didn't stay in the regular part of town.

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