December 1, 2008

Walking Tour of Nesebar
Nova Zagora, Bulgaria

Varna to Nova Zagora via Nesebar

Nico, our host for Varna, offered to make our exit from town a little easier by giving us a lift in his car to Nova Zagora. He was headed to the capital any way, and said that for the same price of the train he'd be happy to take a southern route that would allow for a stopover in a popular coastal resort town.

Tatiana, quite thrilled not to have to walk up at the crack of dawn in order to catch an appropriate train (and vacate the home for his departure), gave me the nod to accept his offer.

Nesebar and Sunny Beach

Sunny Beach is the Bulgarian version of CancĂșn—a long strip of sand and supposedly warm Black Sea waters (during the summer) that explodes with intoxicated tourists from all over Europe. Recent EU membership has enabled investment, development and visitors to descend into what's fast become an international hotbed of summertime mayhem.

Just south of this area is a genuinely interesting piece of history and land. The small town of Nesebar, one of the most prominent tourist destinations on the Black Sea, is an ancient city situated on a peninsula (previously an island) connected to the mainland by a narrow man-made isthmus. It bears evidence of occupation by a variety of different civilizations over the course of its existence, and as of 1983 has been included on UNESCO's list of World Heritage Sites. (Wikipedia history overview)

Google Map's satellite imagery of the site reveals a truly fascinating aerial picture of the settlement.

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