September 16, 2007

Airplane Oddities
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Misty cabins and pretentious magazine letters.

Smoking Section

A strange vapor poured out of the ventilation system while boarding for the flight from Kuala Lumpur, to Phnom Penh. It's a peculiar sight that I've only seen once before, on a flight in the Philippines. The phenomenon makes it look as if the cabin is being gassed, and is rather creepy.

It must have something to do with the open cabin door, without the jetway being attached. Both times it's occurred when the plane had to be boarded by climbing into it from the tarmac, instead of from an air-conditioned terminal building.

Check out the video, taken with Tatiana's digicam (6 seconds, 400KB).

Mad Maid

Reading through the AirAsia in-flight magazine, Travel 3Sixty, my jaw dropped when reading one of the customer thank-you letters that had been printed up. The story, full of racist, condescending overtones, sounded more appropriate for a wealthy country club, than an airline magazine.

As I read the story, I envisioned a crusty, old, white woman, writing it—adorned in furs and gold jewelry. The snobbery and contempt towards the employee mentioned is amazing.

For those who haven't flown AirAsia and read the "inbox" section of Travel 3Sixty's second issue, here's the letter I'm referring to:

I would like to compliment the AirAsia Team—LCCT (KLIA), especially Mr. Azuar, Rao and Ms. Ayu who provided incredible serivce or my Indonesian maid, Yati.

My maid—Yati was scheduled to fly to Indonesia on 27 Jul 2007 9.30pm on AirAsia. Yati refused to board suddenly when she saw the plane at the gate. She was crying, yowling, crawling on the floor. She attacked the AirAsia staff (Ms Ayu) while the staff provided boarding assistance.

Very quickly, the team isolated her from the other passengers. She was detained at the Immigration department and arrested by the Airport Police later on. I was totally shocked when I received the call from Rao on the trouble my insane maid caused at the airport.

Mr. Azuar and Rao helped me to liaise with the Immigration officers and the Airport Police and provided perfect service and professional emergency handling skills. Azuar very successfully managed to calm Yati throughout the incident till midnight.

Yati was arrested and identified as a temporary mental psychotic. She is under treatment at the hospital now.

Thanks for you service and great patience in dealing with my insane maid. A thousand words cannot express my appreciation.

Good job!
Eddie Huo


El Darden

November 4th, 2007


I'm a few weeks behind in keeping up with your travel journey. So, I just read about the amazing "thank-you" letter that some "Neanderthal" sent letter to AirAsia, expressing great satisfaction with the manner in which the airline staff had handled her — quote — insane maid — unquote.

Your editorial commentary immediately prior to presenting the letter hadn't quite prepared me for what I subsequently read. As condescending as "Lady Eddie" was, I could not help but — literally — howl in laughter in reading something so antediluvian here at the outset of the 21st Century. That one needs to be saved for display in a future "museum of the ridiculous and outrageous."

When I finished laughing, all I could think of was, "No, Alice, we're not there yet. We're still in Kansas."

Prof. Dr. D

The United States


March 20th, 2010

Wow, maybe the "crazy" maid was being forced to fly against her will. There is still slavery out there in the world.



May 24th, 2011

Indeed, too many asians of various nationalities in Asia is still still treating their asian maids like slaves, whether they are insane or not.

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