June 1, 2009

Lazy Egyptian Bedouin Father
Nuweiba, Egypt

Attawy Ibrahim, the owner of Green Beach, is quite possibly one of the laziest Bedouins I've encountered.

Upon my first encounter with the man he shook my hand and shared with me that he too was a father, to a newborn (just two weeks old). "We're in the same boat," his tone and body language silently communicated.

But in the same boat we most certainly are not—not even in the same ocean.

Tatiana and I presume that Attawy leaves his wife and newborn under the guise of having to go to 'work' for the day, but we truly see what that entails for this Bedouin: Eating, socializing, and sleeping.

Attawy as he typically spends most days: asleep.

The Sudanese-born Nasser al-Din is the true workhorse behind Green Beach. Nasser's really amazing—if I was going to open anything in the hospitality field I'd want him there with me.

Attawy, on the other hand, sleeps. We haven't seen the man do one damn thing but talk to his buddies, have Nasser cook lunch for him, and nap the afternoons away.

Being a new father and a business owner's hard work, eh Attawy? Good thing you're sleeping through it.

Tatiana has nicknamed him "The Sacrifice Father," for all the many personal sacrifices that the man's clearly making in his life on account of his new fatherhood.

Regardless if it's from cultural or personal indifference, we truly feel sorry for this man's wife. Surely she has to deal with everything relating to her newborn without his help, plus the burden of being married to someone as absent and useless as he.

More than likely Attawy arrives home and expects dinner to be prepared for him by the exhausted post-partum mother, just as an oblivious child would returning home an afternoon of play.

Even my Peruvian fiancée, who's accustomed to a culture of machismo behavior and a gender-defined roles mindset, sneers at the man.

Alas, there are plenty of Attawys in this world. These disconnected fathers will never change a diaper, prepare a meal, feed their infant, or do much of any decent parenting at all.

Good luck with that.

Camel race advert with a photo of (the very full of himself) Attawy Ibrahim


Saudi Arabia


September 19th, 2010

Its customary in a lot of Arab countries for the wife to stay with her family (parents sister brother etc) for 1-2 months after giving birth.

Not 100% but coming to an empty home might be the cause of his boredom assuming he actually does something sometime ever.

The United States


December 10th, 2010

It's customary for Arab men to treat their women like crap. Don't worry, when the child is a little older (only if it's a boy) he'll teach him the ways of being cruel to animals and killing things.

that's just the way they are. It's not a lie or a racist rant. You were there so you know that I speak the truth.

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