May 24, 2009

Nuweiba's Rocky Shoreline
Nuweiba, Egypt

The family and took a long walk today to check out the scene further north up the coast (between Green Beach and the Nuweiba's commerce center [photo]) and to pop in on the complex where Tatiana spent her days back in 2007.

While the atmosphere at Green Beach is really mellow and enjoyable, the shore leaves much to be desired. Low tide at mid-day exposes much of the rocky mud and gunk that makes up the first few dozen yards of the shallow shoreline, while the beach itself is mostly full of smooth rocks without much sand. It's certainly not the type of place you'd be sunning yourself without a lounge chair.

AB Maritime's Fast Ferry Passing in Front of Green Beach's Rocky Shore

Tatiana Walking Nuweiba's Rocky Shore

We discovered that further north there are some nicer patches where sand and surf pleasantly mix, although these sections are generally the minority.

Confusing Concrete Remnants

I've really no idea why some stretches of the shoreline here have large chunks of concrete on them. It's as if there was once a boardwalk stretching along part of the coast that has long since broken up, and is now finding refuge below the ebb and flow of the surf.


Unfortunately there's heaps of unsightly trash that washes up from the passing ships or is deposited, dumped or blown in and is never cleaned up by property owners. It's pretty depressing to look at.

Thankfully, Nasser al-Din keeps Green Beach very clean (although the same can't be said of his neighbors).

Nuweiba's Coastline Trash: The bungalows shown here were in such disrepair there's little doubt that anyone even rents them out any longer.

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