June 3, 2009

Remaindered Nuweiba Snapshots
Nuweiba, Egypt

It's a scorching 39°C (102°F) today as we prepare for tomorrow's departure to Cairo. We've enjoyed the past two weeks spent lounging by the Gulf of Aqaba, but there are aspects of our routine here that have begun wearing on us. It's time for a change, and as we're already halfway through our 30-day tourist visa it's about time we figure out just how long we're going to be in the country, and how much of it we'll see.

Below are some of the snapshots that didn't find a place in any previous travelogue posts. First up, some cute captures of Aidric…

Aidric Playing in the Red Sea: …Getting his diaper wet.

Aidric's Simple Red Sea Entertainment: As a 16-month-old Aidric was quite content to simply play with rocks inside an empty can.

Aidric in a White Tunic: For much of our second week at Green Beach Aidric wore this outfit (diaper and tunic), which quickly became dirty beyond our ability to clean it.

Lounging in Bungalow Six with a Naked Aidric

Tatiana and a Cautious Aidric in the Red Sea

Blond Aidric Hiding from a Visitor: A couple came wandering into Green Beach and asked Nasser if he had espresso. …ESPRESSO! Idiots.

Aidric Posing Like He's in Playgirl

Scenes from Green Beach and Nuweiba

Brick Building Under Construction

Restaurant Greeting on Wall in Arabic: "With the greetings of the most honorable fisherman"

Cooked Fish at Baraka Restaurant

Grilled Fish at Baraka Restaurant

Star-Filled Night Sky Scene

Green Beach After Dark

Green Beach Lounge: Gravel under the rugs. The trunks of palm trees are used in places to creating individual sections.

Green Beach as Seen from the Lounge

Green Beach Bungalows and Neighboring Huts Along the Shoreline

Green Beach Bungalow Six Lounge Scene

Tom Mikkor's Lofted Apartment

Green Beach As Seen from Tom Mikkor's Lofted Apartment

Green Beach As Seen from Tom Mikkor's Lofted Apartment

Green Beach Cottage Apartments

Egypt Free Shops: In this place one often wishes for an Egypt-free shopping experience.

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