May 22, 2009

Veiled Vendors
Nuweiba, Egypt

We'd honestly been at our reed bungalow for all of five or ten minutes before they showed up. The veiled vendor and her bored daughter plopped themselves in the middle of our personal space and started trying to sell us clothing and knickknacks.

Tatiana and Aidric and the Passing Vendors

If only I could vocalize in Arabic the dialog running inside my head:

No, we don't want your shit.

Please stop unpacking you shit.

No, we don't want your shit.

Please put your shit away.

No, we don't want your shit.

The things you have are useless to us.

No, we don't want your shit.

Why are you still here?

No, we don't want your shit.

Tell your friends!

Aidric and the Arab Woman Vendor with Daughter

Ugh… A poor omen of experiences to come.




October 3rd, 2011

I can't hear atnyinhg over the sound of how awesome this article is.

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