February 12, 2006

Grand Anse
Prickly Bay, Grenada

The town of Grand Anse has a nice long stretch of beach that's pretty decent, except there's almost no one on it—like too much toast and not enough jam.

The beach of Grand Anse seems to be the spot where the cruise ships dump their human cargo off to frolic in the sun and sand. It was surprising though how few people were on the beach, especially for a Sunday afternoon. Andy was with me, and said that it had looked about the same for the days prior (when he had visited). I wonder if people like the beach here?

As Andy and I roam around St. George and Grand Anse together, we're constantly stopping into guest houses and inquiring about their rooms and rates. It would be really advisable to have a travel companion in this area of the island to help offset room costs, most places are running between $40–65 USD a night—not backpacker budget friendly. Later, as we were sprawled out in the off-white sand, Andy entertainingly commented that in his nine years of continuous travel he only knew of two backpackers to go into the Caribbean, and they were on this beach right now!

I believe Andy is leaving the area tomorrow or the day following, jumping onto a ferry to the smaller Grenadian island of Carriacou. I would enjoy it if our travels in this area of the world allowed our paths to cross again.



February 14th, 2006

Why don't you guys team up for a bit. It is very nice to read both perspectives!



Craig | travelvice.com

February 17th, 2006

I donno, I think I'm crampin' his style sometimes. Andy's been traveling solo for some time, and I imagine he's pretty tired of me after three weeks! :)

I really miss LOST, that was a great show… I'm looking forward to picking up the bootlegged copies on DVD (and then trying to find someplace to play them)!


February 18th, 2006

Yeah, I like Lost too. But it was so much better when it was called GILLIGAN'S ISLAND! Oh snap.

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