February 20, 2006

Photos Lost
Tyrell Bay (Carriacou), Grenada

Convenience and risk go hand in hand when you use a digital camera. Sadly, the risk turned into loss for me over the weekend.

It would seem that a corrupted memory card has lead to the loss of over 200 photos (over a weeks worth) from the day I left Trinidad through the entirety of my travels around Grenada. The culprit: a Macintosh Powerbook in combination with my USB multi-format card reader.

The Italians have a Mac laptop on board, and the crew and I wanted to take advantage of a long evening to engage in a photo swap. The exchange was going well until I replaced one memory card with another (after safely "trashing" the device). The directory contents of the new card wasn't refreshed on the Mac (it was trying to be smarter than the user—thinking it was the same card), subsequently corrupting the new card when Lucas tried to access folders there weren't there.

I carry a recovery tool on my thumbdrive for exactly such occasions, but it seems that it could only recover about 20% of the images (when I tried it this afternoon).

Luckily, just last Thursday (the 16th) I uploaded a handful of images to the gallery, but they were just a sampling of those that I filtered down to share/archive. Posting pictures to the site is one of my mitigation strategies for such occurrences, but it's still awefully disappointing that it happened.

Life goes on, and now I've taken way too many pictures of Carriacou! :)



February 21st, 2006

Now that is a bummer.. Those memories can't be deleted though… You have SO many travels and adventures ahead, so don't fret too much… There is much more to come in this wanderlust fixation you bear.



February 6th, 2012

try multiple programs to "Clean" the card. i used one that salvaged a couple of dozen. another one got some more. after using a few different programs i had about 85 percent back

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