February 17, 2006

River and Wine
Prickly Bay, Grenada

It's amazing how the smallest of encounters with someone can lead you down a path you could never foresee. How I came to know Jason Evans, the 40 year old nephew of the owner of the Prickly Bay Marina is a great example of this.

Jason was introduced to me by Axel (the German captain) earlier in the week, who quickly invited me to join him and three Swedish backpackers he just met to a river spot in the northwestern part of the island on Valentine's Day—an offer I took him up on.

I got a great tour of the tropical landscape as we cut across the island in a Mitsubishi Lancer, stopping briefly at Grand Etang Lake (a volcanic crater lake) to pick up the Swedes.

Jason had his "soldiers" ready and waiting for us when we arrived in his old stomping grounds of Grand Bras, around 2:00 in the afternoon. Jason, five of his friends, the three Swedish girls, and I, drive briefly to the head of a rough foot path leading into the jungle.

We spent the afternoon swimming, chatting, telling travel stories, and catching crawfish (for use with dinner). It was a great experience that few visitors to the island could ever image experiencing.

The following evening, after a long morning of polishing stainless steel on the Odessa, Jason and a sweetheart of a woman named Nancy (grandmother aged), hosted Axel and I for dinner. They prepared a fantastic meal, and I got to indulge in one of the simple pleasures from my life back in the U.S. that I can no longer afford—wine. Yum…

When I arrived back at the Odessa later in the evening, Bill informed me he'd be taking on two new crew members, Luca and Laura (a couple from Italy), in the morning. Bill also confirmed that his boss and a friend were going to be flying down to meet and sail onboard the ship a the end of the month—meaning the Italians and I were getting the boot from the boat in about 10 days (in St. Vincent). In the meantime, we'll be departing Prickly Bay for another bay on the west coast of Grenada, and then onto Carriacou, Union Island, and hopefully the amazingly picturesque Tobago Cays.

It's going to be a fast trip through some of the best of the Caribbean; I just might have to find a boat to take me back into the area when I arrive in St. Vincent.



February 21st, 2006

Such a picture you paint! You are like me in regards to lack of wine recently… However, I still steal a swig or too here and there… :) My new buddy likes it too..

St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Craig | travelvice.com

February 28th, 2006

You bad girl, this is you! lol…

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