September 4, 2008

Baby Bee Eater
Balmazújváros, Hungary

I've asked Tatiana to briefly retell the entertaining incident from this morning:

It must have been around 7am, Craig and I were still sleeping but I could hear that Aidric was already awake. Many times he does this—he wakes up and plays quietly for a while.

Not this morning, though. He was making a funny noise, like when someone chews food with an open mouth—loud enough to wake me up.

I looked at him and said: "Aidric! What are you eating?!" …He giggled.

I tried to open his mouth and he just wouldn't let me, all the while giggling even more. When he finally opened his mouth (now laughing) he had what at first looked like two black and yellow beans. I took them out with my fingers and realized what they actually were: the head and body of a bee!

I was immediately shaken awake, and told the story. Although unlike Tatiana, I never thought for a moment that Aidric had caught himself a live bee. I think in all likelihood the bee had stung something (not Aidric) and died—the stinger-less corpse lying there in wait for Aidric's sharp eyes and pincer-like fingers to curiously come along and gobble it up.

He doesn't seem any worse for wear. Fun memory, though.

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