August 20, 2008

Sexy or Silly?
Eger, Hungary

At one point in the evening, I just had to start photographing the women in Eger. It was just too much. Most of the images were taken in Eger's castle—a location I consider more of a war memorial than anything else (a sentiment obviously shared by few others)—high heels and all that stonework couldn't have been comfortable.

I really wish I had more photos to complement this post—I was able to discreetly capture about one for every ten sighted—but I suppose this brief sampling from today will illustrate the atmosphere in town. Too bad the majority of the faces in town didn't match the quality of the bodies.

Trying Too Hard

This girl was really too much from the front—designer everything, from the sunglasses and purse to the mobile she as talking on—and when I turned my head to chuckle as she walked by, I was rewarded with an even more entertaining sight. A photo was necessary, and kicked off the idea for this entry.

Is That Your Mom?

This twenty-something girl (with her parents?) was wearing a shirt that read "WANNA GO BACK STAGE?"

Please Don't

Little miss hot pink shorts is in fact much older than she appears in this photo. If those are to be worn, they should probably be by someone closer to the girl's age on the right (who is certainly more tastefully dressed).


Pink-white-pink-white-pink. Are white bell-bottoms back in style?

Not a Beach in Sight

And the real winner for the day was the girl walking around in a bikini top and short-shorts accompanied by the tool wearing a black t-shirt with gold lettering reading "MAFIA". I absolutely love the image of the Islamic-garbed woman wearing a hijab standing in the same frame as the bikini-clad girl:

Bonus Picture: Shoot Me

This guy handed the woman his camera and stood in front of a canon with the sun at his back. What an ass.


The United States

Jake DeVries

August 26th, 2008

well now I want to go to hungary… Thank you very much.



August 26th, 2008

JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJJAJAAJJA I love you! Really, not playing around… i just love you….. a fashion police entry!!! This is something so funny that i am actually begging you to please do another one… it should be one for every country… and the most amazing thing is that you were right!!!! thank god for straight man that can realize of those things…

The United States

Bob L

August 27th, 2008

Young women just don't seem to understand that the best look is a somewhat conservative look. Classy, son't show too much, just enough. Keep 'em thinking. Leave something to the imagination.

I look at pictures of how they dressed in my mothers time (40's to early 50's) for day to day dressing in public ( as apposed to home or going out). Classy, nice dresses or the occasional slacks, nice top, showed their shapes but left plenty to the imagination. Very sexy yet grown up and classy.

Love to see more of that. Of course, my dad at 85 now thinks of women in slacks as being "half a woman". I guess you get cranky when you get old.

Bob L

The United States


August 27th, 2008

…That's a hot mafia shirt. I know what Craig is getting for Christmas…



September 1st, 2009

Dear Mr.
I'm from Eger and I think your opinion a bit strong. :( First of all, we generally don't go to the castle during the day. We have things to do like work or study. Surprise!
Probably you took some photos on tourist.
I don't think so you couldn't find any woman who dress different than these girls. Are they Hungarian?
If they are Hungarian and from Eger. You know, everybody life really sort and time flies. So if they want to dress like this, do it. If people always think about other people opinion their life become depressive and no one can be enough "classy" to everyone.




October 12th, 2009

Welcome to Eastern Europe.These women are in no way extraordinary. It's a hot climate in summer, we are not plagued by religious rules demanding women covering in garments from head to toe. We look good, and we're proud of it. Enjoy!
Next time go to Moscow or any other russian town during summer, or better stil go to the topsite - Ukraine. Be sure to leave your american modesty at home. Here we are not alarmed at seeing a boob on TV, we're alarmed at seeing blody killing. In the US it's the other way round. What's the worst, showing pretty things and love, or ugly things and violence?

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