August 29, 2007

Annoying Showers
Kuta (Bali), Indonesia

Too-low showers or free-dangling hand-held showerheads—a problem that I just can't seem to wash myself of…

Bathroom checks should be a standard part of a possible room evaluation for any good traveler. Questions race through your head in a split second, checking for answers.

  • Is it clean (enough to use)?
  • Does it have a toilet?
  • Is it eastern or western?
  • Is it missing the toilet seat?
  • Does the toilet flush? Can I put toilet paper in it? Does it flush with enough force?
  • Does the shower have hot water? If so, is it "solar"—meaning there's just a black tub on the roof that warms with the sun—or does it come from an electric or gas heater?
  • Can I feel the warm water when I test the shower, or is it broken?
  • Is there a drain on the floor, or am I going to have to stand in a puddle of water because there's no shower curtain?
  • Is there a mirror above the sink?

One of the other questions I have to ask myself is how much effort I want to exert to simply shower. Many showers are built to absurd specifications, placing protruding showerheads at the mid-chest level. Other accommodations seem to favor the free-dangling handheld showerhead, with no way to secure it to the wall—meaning I have to keep an arm stretched above my head for the duration of my shower.

Here at the AP Inn in Kuta, I'm plagued by the annoying aftermath of lazy workmanship. The dangling showerhead in the bathroom has a wall mounting, but it was placed at nipple-height for no apparent reason. I know the people are of smaller stature in this region of the world, but this place is a tourist hotel in the middle of a town swarming with Aussies.

With plenty of length left on the hose, all I can do is blame the lazy worker who didn't feel like lifting his arm to install mount —instead, opting to make me lift mine every time I shower.



March 1st, 2009

Dude you should invent the travel suction cup shower holder would maybe solve the problem. The other thing is you should just get used to the basin with water and the cup with handle that you pour on yourself. It is invigorating after you get used to it. I was "showering" multiple times a day at home very refreshing with the cold water as compared to the hot. Also the toilet paper thing woman stay a hell of a lot fresher washing every time they do there business than just wiping it off with toilet paper.

The United States


March 19th, 2010

This kind of shower is to be used with your hand. Its simple. You wet yourself, place the shower back on the handle, soup up yourself, pick up the shower and rinse.

Use the shower to wash your butt after you use the bathroom. TP is not the cleanest thing to do.

Next time if you want American standart shower, pay American standart prices for a hotel in a tourist area -> over 180 bucks a night and I am sure you will have your own mini spa.

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