August 29, 2007

The Joys of Jimbaran
Kuta (Bali), Indonesia

South of Kuta, on the other side of the island's international airport, is Jimbaran—a temporary oasis of solitude and sanity in an otherwise insane region of Bali.

Luxury five star hotels dominate the area. Backpackers, and the touts that harass and feed off their foreign dollars, are no where in sight. It's peak season, and the beach is practically empty.

With sand of significantly better quality than Kuta Beach (though still rather ugly, in my opinion), Jimburan Bay is the spot to be, should one want to rid themselves of vacationing teenagers and wandering bow and arrow salesmen. There aren't any jet skis for rent, the bay is too shallow for surfing, and since the water temperature is much too cold for casual swimming, there's hardly any reason for people to take the time and money to travel there from Kuta/Legian. In fact, the only people on the beach are those who've grown bored of idling poolside at their resorts, and have decided to take a stroll.

I laughed at this little blurb, found on a hotel Web site (I've highlighted in bold the part that applies to people who visit Bali, but never really see it):

What to do in Jimbaran Bay: Envelope yourself in five star luxury. Gorgeous Spas, fantastic views, ocean breezes, friendly impeccable service. You rarely need to leave the hotel—but if you do, local fishermen will be glad to take you sightseeing along the coast!

This was all well and good for Tatiana and I, but if I was traveling here solo, I'd probably have to consider the trade-off between an peaceful, secluded beach, and a busy one, filled with nice girls to look at. You take the good with the bad in both cases.


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March 19th, 2010

Tatiana is a nice girl to look at.

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