April 20, 2009

Crippled CouchSurfer: Six Months Later
Giv'atayim, Israel and the Palestinian Territories

It's been six months to the day since I broke my heel that cool October day in a tiny Romanian village. My, time really does pass quickly…

Unfortunately, the pain from the injury that pretty much kept me bedridden/walking for about three weeks—both my feet were injured to a point that I couldn't place the slightest bit of pressure on them—has yet to fade from my daily life.

The pain in my formerly broken heel is still there, manifesting itself every time I walk for more than short strolls or when I'm carrying my pack on my back. The mild throbbing or unexpected painful limp the next morning is a constant reminder of both my lack of judgment and love.

I'm awaiting the day when I'll once again be able to take a short sprint, go for a jog or even lengthy walk without fear of pain in the moment itself, or later, when I'm not expecting it.

For those that missed the excitement, 2+ weeks of painful posts started here: Trapped Tatiana, Crippled Craig




July 30th, 2009

I banged my big toe against an errant board on Punta del Este's boardwalk one day and had pain for about 5 months.

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