April 15, 2009

Invisible to My Angsty Infant
Na'ale, Israel and the Palestinian Territories

It's been an interesting trio of days here since Tatiana and our 15-month-old son have arrived. Aidric's been terribly clingy with Tatiana—much worse than anything we ever knew a few months ago—though she says he wasn't acting at all like this back in Lima and Florida.

I think the little guy's pretty overwhelmed with the travel and transition back to me (whom he's really only just starting to really warm up to). Most of the time I feel like Patrick Swayze in the movie Ghost—with Tatiana as my own Whoopi Goldberg, relaying messages to my son who can't (won't) see or hear me. Tatiana has her own personal white shadow.

But it's been a real blast watching him run around everywhere—he doesn't crawl at all, unless it's to chase a bug under a parked car. He loves to push things like table chairs and shopping carts around. Hilarious (and a little disturbing), of the handful of words he says, one of them is Google (…said as he points to the company logo).

( video: Aidric Running Amok at an Israeli Supermarket )

Both came back a little sick, and have since infected me (and maybe our hosts) with whatever evil Peruvian bug they're carrying around, so I'm feeling rather achy, but aside from that (and of course Aidric's often moody disposition) things are well.

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