May 9, 2009

Old City Jerusalem's Stations of the Cross
Jerusalem, Israel and the Palestinian Territories

Walking around with no map and no real objective in mind for our time in the Old CIty, we came across a few Stations of the Cross of the without even knowing what they were. Surprisingly discreet, it wasn't until I stood around for a bit and eavesdropped on a passing tour guide that I realized the place people were photographing as they passed was the fifth station (where it's said that the Romans ordered Simon the Cyrene to help Jesus carry the cross).

Of particular reverence at this location is a frequently-touched stone in the wall, which is said to possess the imprint of Jesus' hand as he rested on the path. The object has been caressed by so many tens of millions of people that its surface has become rather smoothed.

Naturally, even if this celebrated path was geographically accurate, nearly two millennia have passed, and would've likely taken place a good 25 feet below the surface of the current street level.

Note: A really outstanding photo tour of the stations can be found here (and shows just how inconspicuous many of them are):

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