April 3, 2009

Jordanian Alcohol-Free Flavored Malt Drinks
Amman, Jordan

I'm not sure how I'm feeling about Jordan; my introduction to the country hasn't been the best.

People seem more obsessive with wealth, leading to shady taxi drivers, expensive lifestyles and seemingly greedy people. Syria came off as suffering from none of those things (at least none that I encountered in a negative sense), with Lebanon somewhere in between the two extremes.

But there's little doubt that I've already discovered the best thing that Jordan has to offer, and it's certainly not featured in an Indiana Jones movie. I picked up a bottle of Proud yesterday, and instantly fell in love with the stuff.

I initially scoffed at the "0.0% Non-Alcoholic!" drinks as a lame Muslim replacement for beer, but I was curious if they bore any resemblance to the near-overpowering Malta malt and hops drink of Latin America (most notably, Venezuela—see previously: Venezuelan Street Food).

What I bought certainly wasn't expected. The drink is much fruiter than anticipated, with a refreshingly smooth aftertaste of artificial fruit flavoring and malt that's nothing like their Latin American cousin. It doesn't taste like beer, and it doesn't taste like a carbonated wine cooler—but more of a strange hybrid of the two.

Typically costing between US$0.70 and a dollar, the drinks go down fast and aren't particularly cheap, but they're deliciously addicting.




June 1st, 2009

Raspberry!… yummy….



June 2nd, 2009

Yesss, I love that stuff too. I haven't actually tried Proud, but there are several other brands as well and Raspberry flavoured ones are always the best!
I miss them when I go home to Europe.

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