May 18, 2009

Petra: Remaindered Snapshots
Umm Sayhun, Jordan

Over the past few travelogue entries I've shared many of the best and most content-relevant images from the collection snapped in Petra, but there's still a handful left that I wanted to make of point of sharing…

Tatiana and Aidric with Tourist Crowd in Front of the Treasury: I took many photos in Petra this day, but perhaps is this one of my favorites. The overwhelming presence of the tourists, the location, the sleeping infant, and Tatiana looking less than thrilled at the people around us.

Looking Out from Inside a Tomb

Lovely Rose Sandstone Patterns: I had Tatiana place her hand in the photo for scale.

Tatiana and Aidric Inside One of Petra's Tombs

Bedouin with Camels on the Colonnaded Street

Massive Desert Beetle

Sandstone Archway

Tatiana Changing Aidric's Diaper

Car Parked in Petra Alcove

Sandstone Patterns

Aidric and Tatiana Exploring Urn Tomb

Family Feet in Petra's Sand

The Petra Aftermath: Our Filthy Feet

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