July 24, 2007

Handwriting Analysis of a Nomad
Luang Prabang, Laos

What a professional handwriting interpreter made of my ink scratches.

I was visiting my friend Tristan as I passed through the U.S. this past April, when I discovered that his lady boss once taught handwriting analysis to police officers, and still evaluated friends and employees (at their request) for fun.

I begged T to have his employer critique my rather unique freehand style, which looks like an odd combination of cursive and print as I'm generally too lazy to lift the pen off the paper—I never did get many passing marks in primary school penmanship. He agreed, and gave me the specifics: Write a paragraph or two on a blank sheet of white paper, and then draw a wheel on another sheet.

It took a few months, but the man and his boss finally got together to discuss the rather interesting results. The following is from his e-mail to me:

Keep in mind, she had no idea who you were/are, only that you were one of my best friends and were out travelling the world. She spouted off a bunch of different stuff, and I just took notes. I told her absolutely nothing about you, or who you were personally.

  • Type A personality
  • Quick talker
  • Brain working very quickly/can't keep up with self
  • Likes himself
  • Lots to say when stuff needs to be said
  • Big/larger than life personality, but not over the top
  • Ambitious
  • Energetic
  • Passionate
  • Not a wallflower
  • Passionate about your likes
  • Issues with staying close to people
  • Many relationships, probably not a one woman guy because you have too much you want to do
  • Not going to give up easily
  • Strong-willed
  • Focused on doing your own thing
  • Many thoughts focused on yourself—not necessarily egotistical
  • Could be artist or stand-up comedian
  • Relationships take the back-burner in your life
  • Not generous with your time or money
  • Overall/all-around normal guy

You don't scribble every word which is indicative that you want to be heard, or care that others are able to read your writing (so we know what you're saying). But you write in the upper range, like… everything in the upper portion like capital F or T, or P for example, everything above where the dotted line would be on grammar school paper, that's where you go. That shows you're a thoughtful person. I was there too. The wheel is how you see yourself in the world. Mine was small. About the side of my thumbnail.

Quite interesting… I was a bit worried that revealing I was a traveler could have tainted the results, but he assured me that wasn't the case. Oh, and my wheel was about the entire size of the piece of paper, hehe.

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