December 12, 2007

2007 Travelvice Country Awards
Lima, Peru

A collection of fictitious awards for the foreign countries that I've traveled in this year (Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil, Venezuela, Thailand, Malaysia, Laos, The Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Peru):

  • Scariest place to cross or walk down the street as a pedestrian (crime): Brazil
  • Scariest place to cross or walk down the street as a pedestrian (traffic): Vietnam
  • Scariest place to cross or walk down the street as a pedestrian (corrupt police): Venezuela
  • All-around safest: Singapore
  • Most annoying noise: Amplified socialist radio in the streets, Vietnam
  • Most expensive to travel within: Brazil
  • Best beach: Perhentians, Malaysia
  • Worst beach (pollution): Penang, Malaysia
  • Worst beach (prostitution): Phuket, Thailand
  • Worst beach (overrated): Bali, Indonesia
  • Stupidest item pushed by vendors on a beach: Bow and arrow set, Indonesia
  • Best place to scuba: Malaysia
  • Coldest water temperature: Argentina
  • Best UNESCO World Heritage site: Temples of Angkor, Cambodia
  • Most over-hyped monument: Christ the Redeemer (the big Jesus), Brazil
  • Best place to commune with nature: Cameron Highlands, Malaysia
  • Most alluring place to ride a bicycle through: Uruguay
  • Best sunsets: Indonesia
  • Strangest crop farmed: Seaweed, Indonesia
  • Strangest fruit loved: Durian, Thailand
  • Best budget accommodations: Laos
  • Most expensive dorm bed: Brazil
  • Most inexpensive meal of steak and wine: Argentina
  • Best street food, and variety there of: Thailand
  • Best beef jerky: Laos
  • Worst food, and selection there of: The Philippines
  • Cheapest beer: Venezuela
  • Best beer: Laos
  • Best party: Carnival, Brazil
  • Best nightlife: Thailand
  • Worst road: Cambodia
  • Best roads: Malaysia
  • Easiest to navigate: Singapore
  • Best mass-transit: Singapore
  • Longest bus ride: 40 hours, Brazil
  • Most expensive bus travel: Brazil
  • Cleanest: Singapore
  • Dirtiest: Cambodia
  • Noisiest: Vietnam
  • Most peaceful: Uruguay
  • Most likely to be awoken by a chicken: Indonesia
  • Most expensive tourist visa: Brazil
  • Best shopping (budget): Thailand
  • Best shopping (designer): Singapore
  • Best airport: Singapore
  • Worst airport: The Philippines
  • Cheapest gasoline: Venezuela
  • Best language: Argentine Spanish
  • Worst language: Vietnamese
  • Most personable locals: Thailand
  • Stupidest person encountered: Vietnam
  • Most interesting/outgoing expats: The Philippines
  • Best dressed population: Singapore
  • Most attractive women: Argentina
  • Most attractive men: Brazil
  • Most gender-confused: Thailand
  • Worst kiss: Argentina
  • Most promiscuous women (local): Thailand
  • Most promiscuous women (tourist): Indonesia
  • Easiest place for a guy to get laid (by a woman): Peru
  • Most likely to turn a straight man gay: Thailand
  • Most birth defects and physical deformities: The Philippines
  • Most amount of time spent within: Brazil
  • Least amount of time spent within: Paraguay
  • Most likely to return to: Thailand
  • Least likely to return to: Vietnam
  • Most unexpected delight: Laos
  • Most overrated preconception: The Philippines
  • Best bang for your buck: Thailand

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December 12th, 2007

Well that pretty much answers all and any questions I asked or wanted to ask you about the places you've been this year. Hope the next year is as eventful. Merry Christmas my friend.


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