March 6, 2008

Aidric's Citizenship Credentials
Lima, Peru

With our impending departure to the U.S. fast approaching, Tatiana and I are both wrapping up our respective passport dealings in Chile and Lima. I've been concerned about Tatiana getting her passport tomorrow, because if she doesn't, the alternative scenario will certainly result in delay and hundreds of dollars lost in airfare to Miami.

Report of Birth Abroad with new passport

Today's joyous accomplishment was my run back to the aesthetically pleasing U.S. embassy here in Lima to pick up Aidric's certificate of American citizenship at birth, and full-blown U.S. passport (complimenting the Peruvian passport we've already gotten for him). I'm wildly pleased that these were ready and waiting on time—a real weight off my shoulders.

While I was at the embassy with his documentation, I took a moment to apply for his social security number. Paperwork will be sent back to the U.S. in a diplomatic pouch, and placed in the mail for me. I expect his numbered card to be delivered to my parent's home in a month or two.

Now I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Tatiana's new Chilean passport to be ready in the morning (needed for her to enter the States, as the expired copy has her 10-year U.S. visa in it), and for her and Aidric to have a safe egress from Chile and overnight bus back to Lima.

We're going to have a busy weekend, but I'm thankful the pieces are starting to fall into place. I hope she's made progress on a place for us to stay when we touchdown in Miami on Tuesday morning.

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