February 10, 2008

Aidric's First Month
Pacasmayo, Peru

This was sent to me by Tatiana, and I enjoyed it so much, I thought I'd share:

It's been a month since you became "papa gato", I switched from "hottest mom-to-be" to "hottest mommy ever", and Aidric decided to (finally!) stop swimming in garlic juice. These are the new features he's acquired:

  • by week 1 he already smiled
  • by week 2 he laughed for the first time
  • by week 3 he started attempts to communicate verbally
  • by week 4 he tried to sit by himself
  • he sneakily tricks me into thinking that he's fallen asleep while breastfeeding and then I am the one that passes out, while his eyes are wide open
  • he clearly prefers breast milk over formula, he's rejected it twice since yesterday (what?? Aidric rejecting food?? uh???)
  • he laughs (at me, I'm sure) after throwing up on me
  • two nights ago he was sleeping (for real this time) while I was online and I don't know what he was dreaming about but he was laughing out loud -LOUD. He sort of scared me…
  • he wakes up happy if he's slept long enough; you talk to him and he "replies" and smiles
  • his sleeping cycle seems pretty established, almost uninterrupted between 8pm and 7 or 8am
  • he loves a warm bath and a massage
  • he smiles if you tell him how handsome he looks
  • he loves going out
  • if he got paid per kilo of poop he produces he'd make a fortune
  • we watch movies every afternoon, although after less than 10 minutes we're both passed out
  • we read a bit of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix every day and he loves it
  • he gave me this spectacular ass and boobs that are way too big in my opinion but make his daddy happy (our son loves us!)

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