January 17, 2008

Bangkok Market Vendor Creativity
Lima, Peru

Sometimes I really admire the people of Thailand. When it comes to crafty business initiative, you can regularly see some real talent in the country—quite a contrast to much Latin America.

This video out of Bangkok depicts a symptom of overpopulation, entrepreneurialism, loose laws, and careful timing. It does not depict poverty, or an impoverished lifestyle—it's simply creative people in an interesting location.

(video link)

Here's another video of the same market



January 20th, 2008

I have seen this video as well. If memory serves me this is the big weekend market in Bangkok. A good place to get some cheap backpacking supplies if you are up for a little bargaining. I got some clothes there once.

I think it is pretty cool that the people selling and the train operator seem to have an understanding with each other.

The Travel Addict


January 21st, 2008

Cool clip. I posted this on my video page a week ago and since then I've noticed it pop up everywhere.
Nice travelogue!

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