February 24, 2008

Countdown to Miami
Lima, Peru

I've (finally) purchased a flight out of Lima—our flight out of Lima. On the evening of March 10, I'll be airborne with the girlfriend and kid, and hopefully taking my last glimpse of Peru for many, many years.

I have absolutely no problem with Tatiana going back home to see her family with our son whenever she wants, but I would need some serious convincing (and someone picking up the entire bill for the airfare) to get me back here before Aidric is a teenager.

I don't like Peru. Peru is depressing. I'm tired of scared people, crumbling buildings of exposed brick, and repulsive beaches.

Tatiana keeps telling me we need to go up to the Highlands to see the best of the country, but that it's the wrong time of year for it now (summer here, but a cold, rainy season there). She too dislikes Peru (Lima, especially), but deeply loves her country's food and music.

I'm not convinced, and am no longer in the frame of mind to explore any more of western South America, south of Ecuador. Peru, Bolivia (with its new $134 visa fee for U.S. passport holders), and Chile are all dead to me. With all the places to go in the world, why would I spend my dwindling cash reserves in places that I have to fight the hardest to be happy?

I'm very much looking forward to Miami—though I'm certainly not looking forward to the price of Miami. When I think of high cost of living in the United States, I think of specific cities: New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco, and Miami.

Tatiana understands that she'll have to be picking up the better part of our living expenses in this place, as we three are going to be there while she replenishes her own piggy bank. So, I guess that makes me the housewife for our duration in the city. (grin)

How much time we'll spend in Miami is pretty much up to Tatiana—I'm in no real rush to go anywhere or do anything, so long as I'm smiling (and not in Peru anymore). And given South Beach's pleasing shoreline, I gather that smiles won't be too hard to come by.

I have no desire to suppress my desire for travel by sitting on my hands for weeks and weeks on end, and anticipate the three of us jumping over to Puerto Rico for a bit, as well as a likely (solo) trip to Los Angeles to visit a close friend. More travels will undoubtedly creep into our lives there—neither of us do well in one spot for very long.

I do know that we'll probably be in Miami (or there about) through the end of June, though. It would appear that plans for a small Heimburger reunion have been solidified, and my folks, brother, aunt, and her two kids are all flying into Miami to meet Tatiana and Aidric in mid-June. This will conveniently fall on/around Father's Day, and I suppose they thought it fitting to celebrate my first with me (though that's certainly not the only motivation for a gathering).

Personally, I have no desire to celebrate Father's Day after this first—just another Hallmark holiday in my opinion. I don't need a greeting card or a gift to know that Aidric (or others) love me. I lead a very non-materialistic lifestyle these days, and this is something that I plan on imbuing upon my son. You don't need things to make or keep you happy.

When Aidric gets old enough, I'll just take a wink and a smile from him.



Craig | travelvice.com

February 29th, 2008

After Miami I'm really starting to think strongly about flying into Istanbul, Turkey… Looks like I can get there for somewhere between US$550-600

The United States


March 18th, 2008

Oh, you'll want his little handmade creations, too

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