March 1, 2008

Earth from Above
Lima, Peru

I was chatting with my friend Tristan yesterday, and somehow we got on the subject of Tunisia—specifically, what Tunisia looks like. He said that he wanted to go there, and I said that it "seems to look like the rest of northern Africa to me" (pointing to a rather uninspiring image lodged at the top of Wikipedia's page about Tunisia.

I really don't know how so many bad photos make it onto so many Wikipedia pages (when plenty of decent looking material is available on the same subject). I reference the community-based encyclopedia enough throughout any given week that I'm starting to feel inclined to submit photos myself—maybe knock a few of the bad ones off of there.

Flock of sheep in Tunisia

In response, Tristan sent over a link to a book I saw in his apartment a few months back, Earth from Above. It's an interactive thumbnail gallery of images from the hefty-sized book (that I really don't know how he got to from the home page—the secret path he took eludes me). Although predominantly written in French, there are often several translations of the caption or title on a page. Use the drop-down box on the left to navigate between countries (the lower of the two is in English).

Explore a country you've been to, or find a new one to visit. Some of the photography is just stunning.


The United States


March 1st, 2008

Tristan is just plain elusive. Deal with it.

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