January 20, 2008

Everything I Know about Babies I Learned from this Book
Lima, Peru

Baby Owners Manual

I feel the need to publicly say thank you to Katie, my friend (and first girlfriend) who ordered me a copy of The Baby Owner's Manual a few days after reading about Tatiana's pregnancy.

I picked up the book in L.A. while transiting from SE Asia to Peru, and received my first insights into the rather abstract concept of dealing with a newborn. What's this? A baby has an "umbilical cord stump"? Huh?

Swaddling the Baby

The book is full of cute illustrations by the creative folks over at HeadCase Design, and is simple enough to read in three or four hours, but the baby manual lingo gets old after a while ("Many users install a pacifier to soothe the baby. Both natural and artificial versions are suitable for all models.").

Tatiana and I both read it, and used the practical advice and insights to prepare for little Aidric. Now that he's born, I occasionally reference material inside the book about current dealings and expectations on what to expect for the remainder of his first year of life. We keep the chapter on the Heimlich maneuver and CPR bookmarked, and by his bassinet.

Save for Internet queries and Tatiana's mother, this is our only reference point for dealing with our newborn son. Thank you Katie.



January 22nd, 2008

You're welcome :)

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