December 8, 2007

Google Search Omits The Truth
Lima, Peru

Internet censorship at the government level is one of my biggest complaints as a regular Internet user traveling abroad.

Last I checked, Thailand was blocking YouTube for the entire country because they didn't like some of the content (related to their King).

Countries like Syria, Korea, India, and Turkey try to restrict their citizens from publishing or reading blogs hosted on popular sites like and Blogger's Blogspot. Sites are said to be completely inaccessible from these countries.

China and Internet censorship: It's old news that I've more or less ignored until I saw it for myself today. I came across a site that noted the glaring difference between the .com and .cn (China) versions seen on a Google image search for the word "tiananmen." In the Chinese version, it's a happy place. In the real world, not so much.

Google says that it's "better to censor than to not be there at all"—though I find this a surrender of the values that defined the company, pre-IPO.

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