March 2, 2008

Men Can't Lose in Latin America
Lima, Peru

Occasionally I'm around when a Latina says that she's seen the movie Juno. And eventually, I get around to asking them all the same question: How did you feel about the husband leaving his wife at the end?

And though the sample size is rather small, every answer I've gotten back has consistently been along the lines of "It didn't bother me at all."

I find this quite curious, and wonder if I'd get the same reaction from American women—because I have a really good hunch that I wouldn't.

There's a strange Latina culture when it comes to men, and relationships. As a guy, I have to laugh, because sometimes I feel untouchable down here—as if men can do no wrong.

If I skip a meal, Tatiana gets nagged at for not feeding me properly. Men have affairs outside their marriages and relationships, and it's considered by many to be normal or expected of them.

The more Spanish and Italian influence there is in a place, the greater the likelihood of adultery, or extra girlfriends on the side (I'm looking at you, Argentina). Not only is it ignored or condoned, but the women on the other side of the equation seem to accept their roles as such, perpetuating the culture by wrapping themselves up in it.

Latin men seem to be exceedingly jealous, overprotective, and insecure—and Latin women know this. Some Latinas crave attention, and bring this out in them intentionally. Others Latin women only feel loved when their significant other is jealous.

It's fun because Tatiana isn't a typical Latina in this respect, and I'm certainly not your average guy when it comes to women these days, or getting caught up in their games—those tricks don't work here. She could wrap most any man 'round her finger, but knows better than try her wily ways with me.

I tell Tatiana I had her figured out from the get-go, and she loves that about me. That, and the fact that I give her the support to do whatever she wants, free from jealously (while she instinctively does the same with me).

This is not typical Latina behavior.

I'm still trying to peg exactly what it is Latin men have a tendency to do to their women to feel loved by them… many are naturally jealous enough as it is.

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