February 29, 2008

Real-Time Snapshot of Global Terrorism and Distress
Lima, Peru

Global Incident Map

The Global Incident Map offers up a real-time look at the look at the thousands of terrorist incidents happening worldwide on any given day, from sabotage in Wisconsin to suicide bombers in Iraq.

According to an Associated Press story, the map will be included in an upcoming exhibit on innovative Web mash-ups at New York’s Museum of Modern Art ("that combines mapping and presentation of data including terrorist acts, open pubs, local crimes, and restrooms where transvestites can urinate in peace"—lovely).

The Global Incident Map's creator, Morgan Clements, runs the project out of his basement in rural Missouri, where he scans eight computers for reports of suspicious incidents. …Which sounds particularly labor-intensive to me, but is done "in the name of patriotism."

His site receives 40,000 to 50,000 visits daily, with 15 percent of those said to come from public agency or military computers.

EDIS Alert Map

Another interesting map worth taking a peek at is an Emergency and Disaster Information Services (EDIS) alert compilation map, which instantly tells me where the Earth is pissed off, or the latest biohazard epidemic is taking place.

…And if all that's just too depressing to look at, then perhaps a game of international Statetris is in order, which mixes Tetris with geography (into something that might be more agitating than fun).

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