December 29, 2007

Transatlantic Tunnel
Lima, Peru

Transatlantic Tunnel concept

Imagine Living in New York and working in London, with a commute time between the cities of less than an hour. A 3,100-mile-long transatlantic tunnel is the theoretical floating tunnel which would span the Atlantic Ocean between North America and Europe.

In 2003, the Discovery Channel's show Extreme Engineering aired a program entitled "Transatlantic Tunnel," which discusses the proposed tunnel concept in detail. Yesterday, it was made available on YouTube.

With current-day materials and building techniques its construction would take a lifetime (or more) to complete—not to mention over 12-trillion dollars. Given the state of terrorism-related fears, I'm sure that a project of this type will never materialize. Too juicy and unprotected this Western target would be for extremists.

But who knows, with the way technology will move along this century, we might be starting to teleport things by the time something like this would be nearing completion. And travel (as we know it today) would be forever changed.

Extreme Engineering: Transatlantic Tunnel

(YouTube: These videos have been removed due to terms of use violation)

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