December 3, 2007

Two Years on the Move
Lima, Peru

Today marks the two-year anniversary of the date I left my home in Phoenix, Arizona. In another ten days I'll be celebrating 24 months of perpetual travel.

On this date last year, I was in Rosario, Argentina. And much like last year, I'm working to collect and organize my thoughts from the past year of travel into an anniversary post for the 12th.

I really can't believe how far I've traveled, how much I've seen, and how much my life has changed in the past 12 months. So often so many folks out there are in the same place doing the same things they were a year prior, with nothing to show for it but another candle on the their cake. Such is not the case here, and the thought of it makes me smile like none other.

Coding Wordpress

Projects continue to consume my day-to-day life here in Lima. I've been working at a feverish pace to try and complete the Travelvice Compendium before Tatiana gives birth, so that I can move on to other enhancements and writings that need my attention. I don't enjoy staring at code for 15 hours a day, but I do find the completion of these programming projects to be immensely pleasing. Creating something (that works) from nothing that others will interact with has always been a personal pleasure of mine. Think of it like not only writing the books in a library, but also designing and decorating the building itself—author and architect, all wrapped up into one.

On a slightly unrelated note, I'd like to share with you two items that I recently found quite interesting.

The first is a fantastic Web site based out of Portland, Oregon. is a community-based resource that monitors and influences color trends. From a design standpoint, I find it fascinating.

Two similar articles that I found particularly interesting describe some of the origins of color, and our every-day associations with it—be it products or feelings. Why is pink a girl color and blue a boy color? Why is St. Patricks' green? Why is purple a royal color?

The answers are at 11 Great Color Legends, and 13 More Great Color Legends.

The other event that recently struck me as particularly interesting was when I learned how the airline Virgin America, together with a creative agency, have attempted to do something a bit different with the traditional pre-flight safety video.

An attendant's announcement of this video is typically cue for the whole of economy class to starting looking for any alternative other than actually casting their eyes screenward, and I find this effort on the part of the airline to be a noteworthy step in the right direction.

Watch the YouTube-hosted video of the Virgin America safety video at

Enjoy, and thanks for sharing with me in another year of pleasure, pain, frustration, and fulfillment. I can't even imagine what the next year with bring with it.



December 4th, 2007

Congrats on another successful year!

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