August 17, 2007

Craig's Celtic Cross
Cebu City (Cebu), Philippines

I suppose I'm a casually superstitious fellow—maybe a four on a scale of ten—and believe in the idea of fortune telling at much the same level. I'm not sure if it was out of curiosity, skepticism, or the desire to share and learn about something that Tatiana believes in and enjoys, but I asked her to do a reading for me with the Tarot deck she's carrying in her pack.

I recall from somewhere that there's a belief that every time you have your fortune told, a year is removed from the end of your life. If fortune cookies count, I suppose I'm in trouble.

The Celtic Cross is a traditional 10-card Tarot spread used by many readers in various forms to present a general life overview, or to explore and predict the outcome to specific question. I asked for a general overview, and listened to Tatiana explain the specifics of the cards as they were dealt (cautioning me that the reading might not be particularly accurate, as she was tired at the end of our long day).

The 10 Positions of the Celtic Cross

  1. Your current circumstances
  2. What is helping or hindering you
  3. The best you can do at present
  4. Hidden factors around you
  5. The effect of the past
  6. Your next move
  7. How you see yourself
  8. How others see you
  9. Hopes or fears
  10. The outcome

My Spread

  1. Temperance
  2. Eight of Pentacles
  3. Six of Swords
  4. The Hanged Man
  5. Seven of Cups
  6. Ten of Pentacles
  7. Four of Cups
  8. Six of Cups
  9. The Sun
  10. Three of Swords

The Meaning of the Cards

  1. Your current circumstances:
    Also known as the Angel of Time, Temperance symbolizes the flowing of the past into the future. Her actions testify to creativity, balance, and a connection with the unconscious. What, or who, you're dealing with now can be likened to interacting with a chemistry set. Attention to detail is essential if you are to get the right balance and combination of parts, or potential rewards will evaporate. A harmonious equilibrium is possible, and this can also be interpreted as reconciling your past behavior with who you are now. Key words: Fluidity, growth, finances, reconciliation, and compromise.
  2. What is helping or hindering you:
    An opportunity to bring your talents to the fore with the promise of financial reward. It's likely that any enterprise, no matter how small, will make you feel valued both materially and emotionally. You may now do what you love in a new career, develop a hobby, or enroll on an educational course.
  3. The best you can do at present:
    The order and the solving of problems. You may be able to distance yourself physically at this time, as there may be opportunities to travel abroad. There's still work to be done, but this respite allows you to recharge your batteries and sense the success that the future holds.
  4. Hidden factors around you:
    A young man hangs suspended from a tree by one leg, his hands tied behind his back. Regardless of his predicament, his expression is beatific. Numbered XII, symbolizing salvation, The Hanged Man is not an indicator of death. Rather, his unorthodox, upside-down view of life expresses a change of perspective, and a need to look at a situation in a completely different way. Old ways of thinking are put aside. Subconscious wisdom is at work here; be guided by your intuition and value it. Alternatively, on a mundane level, this card can also indicate, quite literally, a period of hanging around waiting for the outcome of a major decision. Key words: Viewpoints, hope, the unconscious, and waiting.
  5. The effect of the past:
    The Seven of Cups indicates great potential and creativity, and the importance of achieving a dream. You need to be sure that offers you accept will lead to fulfillment and not the undoing of your hard work. Naturally, confusion threatens to mar your judgment. Go with your first instincts.
  6. Your next move:
    The Ten shows the wealth of generations; inheritance or other capital that is due, such as an investment maturing, shares, or a generous gift. Generally, this is an extremely good omen for your finances. It can also indicate a marriage that will be both prosperous and loving.
  7. How you see yourself:
    On the outside everything may appear rosy, but a new dissatisfaction is creeping in. Appreciate the emotional investment in your relationship and rediscover your romance. Otherwise, this mild boredom could develop into serious unhappiness.
  8. How others see you:
    This can be interpreted as the flow of the past into the present, giving you new impetus with which to plan for the future. Accepting your personal history brings the reward of perspective and experience, so this card can signal positive decisions and a new direction in life. On a mundane level, happy memories resurface and you reminisce with old friends.
  9. Hopes or fears:
    The Sun symbolizes achievement; its presence in a reading shows joy, health, security, and genuine accomplishment. Rewards, creativity, and glory crown your endeavors. It can predict happy love relationships, the birth of a child, and good health. The benefits of heat and light—vision, comfort, and growth—are yours, so whatever you embark upon now will be blessed with good fortune and support. If life has been recently fraught with constant challenges and irritation, then know that your sanctuary beckons. Key words: Joy, innocence, protection, and creativity.
  10. The outcome:
    The Three of Swords spells out heartbreak due to the failure of a romance or an ideal. Unfortunately, there's no way that you can avoid confronting this situation, so try not to blame yourself. New possibilities await you, but the only way to reach them is through the heart of the battle.



September 21st, 2007

Belief/Disbelief is irrelevant here, I would guess. What's worth while, is musing from a different perspective.

I could relate to nr. 4, especially.


Craig Strong

September 22nd, 2007

"I recall from somewhere that there's a belief that every time you have your fortune told, a year is removed from the end of your life."

The fact that you remember this belief bumps you up to a 4.5 if not a 4.6 on a scale of ten.

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