December 25, 2005

Rincón, Puerto Rico

I received a call from Loida a few days before Christmas. She asked if I wouldn't mind taking a rain check for the trip out to San Juan (as she was going to be picking up a sick coworkers shift and would be working 12 hour days). So it turns out that I ended up spending the holiday weekend in Rincón with the folks at the Surf and Board after all.

Christmas Eve

A pair of nice guys that were staying with us went out on an $800 fishing charter and caught more than they could consume and carry home; so before they left, the two graciously donated a bunch of great cuts for us to enjoy. There was plenty of fish (Wahoo) to go around, and several of us decided to hold a nice Christmas Eve dinner.

I stepped up to the task of preparing a good amount of fish for several guys over the propane grill in the back of the guest house (my first time grilling fish I believe). Taking standard sheets of aluminum foil I fashioned little trays to hold the fish and seasoning.

Raiding the communal/abandoned spices, I worked in several bulbs of garlic (minced and smashed), chili paste, teriyaki glaze, hot pickled red peppers, black pepper, and butter. As the fish was almost finished I sprinkled brown sugar over the fillets, which melted and caramelized almost instantly (adding a deliciously sweet texture to the dish). The end result was amazing—one of the best meals I've eaten down here.

Christmas Day

Just another day in paradise, with the exception that I went out surfing! Tom, one of the caretakers here, was nice enough to hand over an 8'4" long board for me to enjoy for the day. I was dropped off at a calm beach without coral or other nasties, and proceeded to have an awesome time. Given the right wave, standing up on the board was no problem at all.

When I returned, one of my roommates smiled and said: "welcome to the tribe."


Puerto Rico

Craig |

December 27th, 2005

Happy holidays everyone! I miss you all!

Tom Heimburger

December 28th, 2005

Hi Craig,

We're enjoying the new postings and photos. Missed you on Christmas Day.

Love, Dad

Jakes snake

January 2nd, 2006

That's sweet that you are one of the tribe……. I hope everything continues to go outstanding, and remember, if the bitch seems to be too good to be true, she probably is………


January 10th, 2006

hope youre ok i still have the rain check for san juan???be carefull call any time have a good time…loida


January 12th, 2006

ctWE met on three kings day at that house party. Anna and I jon are back in nyc where all you gotta do is take the train to go around the world.

Congrats on getting to the DR. Don't forget. check out Las Terrainas. Stay at a hotel if it still exists called La nina or somthing like that.

Keep the sun on your face and the wind at your back

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