October 31, 2008

Crippled CouchSurfer: Day 12
Apoldu de Sus, Romania

Since the 20th I've consumed a year's worth of Tylenol and Aleve trying to keep myself comfortable enough to gingerly move between bed and the downstairs bathroom. Earlier last week Stephan rounded up a half dozen pills from an older woman he tends to in town that are supposedly used for pain management. Tatiana gave me two of her 'in case of emergency' pain pills she says will also help with inflammation. I could really care less what people are giving me; I'd take just about anything if you tell me it might do some good.

At this point my disability has certainly been dragging on longer than any of us had hoped for, and my rather limited supply of red and blue pills has become nearly exhausted. So off Tatiana went with Stephan to the nearest pharmacy yesterday, driving distance away, in another village.

Thankfully, she returned with a box of 20 pills (11 lei, $4) that seems to really do the trick. Hooray for significantly less pain in my life, without any side effects.

She tells me these are pretty much the same pills she'd given me from her stash. If the opportunity presents itself, I think I'll have her buy another two boxes worth before we leave.




January 5th, 2009

Are you telling me that is day 12 and you still not going to the doctor?????????!!!!
Thats crazy man! And i though my man was stubborn… i will go right away and apologyze to him… lol
LOVE YOU!!! oxoxoxoxoxo

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