October 23, 2008

Crippled CouchSurfer: Day 4
Apoldu de Sus, Romania

My PVC cane

After experiencing close to 72 hours of bed rest and crawling, I took my first few aching steps near noon today. Arm slung over Tatiana's shoulder, I slowly baby stepped my way out of the room. Later, I turned a piece of plastic piping into a makeshift cane by shoving my bandana at the top for padding. With this I'm now able to move about very slowly in a generally upright fashion, though I'm not quite sure if I'm wrecking or rehabilitating my feet this early in the recovery.

As expected, I didn't bother with the village doctor's appearance in town today.

It was my intention to relocate us this Monday afternoon (the 27th, three full days from now), though I'm still unsure as to how fit I'll be for travel. Our window of opportunity is closing for our next host (who's only available until the end of the month), and I'm sure Stephan's ready to get his house back to a crying baby free zone (though seems to be more than comfortable with our continued presence). He's certainly one of the most giving, easygoing twenty-year-olds that I've ever met. We're as fortunate to have him as a host as this community is to have him serving here.

Meanwhile this evening, Tatiana and Aidric joined Stephan at the internat (German for 'boarding school') to meet and greet with some of the kids there. Looks like that had a great time:

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