September 24, 2008

Deva's Hollywood Sign
Deva, Romania

What was once a great icon of the city has been transformed into an ugly eyesore.

Deva's own Hollywood Sign

Towering above the city of Deva is a large isolated hill atop which the ruins of a citadel built in the 13th century sits (thus the hill's name, Citadel Hill). Sometime after the structure was destroyed from gunpowder stores exploding in 1849 the area was labeled a protected nature reserve because of its rare floral species and the presence of the horned adder. However; that doesn't seem to have stopped someone from allowing the construction of a shameless Hollywood Sign knockoff at its apex.

The citadel is currently undergoing an archeology dig (because someone supposedly found an old cannon ball or two), and eventual renovation—that's what all the wood is about in the photo.

Sadly, Romanians seem to have taken a particular liking to the Hollywood Sign, with a whopping four cities in the country sporting their own unsightly imitations.

Ugh. So foul.




October 7th, 2009

Not everyone likes that stupid sign by the way…

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