October 1, 2008

Horse-Drawn Carts in Romania
Periş (Mureş), Romania

Here's a portion of fast-paced instant message conversation with my good friend Tristan over Skype this morning that I found rather entertaining:

Craig: the road system here is rather chaotic
Tristan: just…two lanes?
Tristan: horse and buggy?
Craig: yes, all over the place
Tristan: lol
Craig: I see one every 20 min or so
Tristan: I kid… I kid.
Tristan: wait… what?
Tristan: see what every 20?
Tristan: horse and buggy?
Craig: seriously.
Craig: horse & buggy
Tristan: wtf
Craig: mhmm
Tristan: I was being an ignorant American.




December 20th, 2008

hahaha that's awesome… I think my friends had about the same reaction the first time I was in RO. My favorite part of the buggies is that they have car tires on them… cracks me up every time I notice it! Did you get to see a traffic sign for horse & buggy crossing yet? I rather enjoy those as well. Once in Targu-Mures I saw an accident between a car and buggy (luckily I think no one was hurt)… not a sight many people can say they've seen!


Craig | travelvice.com

December 21st, 2008

A traffic sign like this (found in Hungary, on the border with Romania)? ;)

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