November 23, 2008

International Airport Wireless Internet Guide
Piteşti, Romania

I'm generally an overland traveler, but a time always comes when I must entertain the need for a country or continental egress via air. Sometimes layovers can be lengthy—suck in international limbo, stamped out of a country but not into another. And it's at times like these that it can be nice to have some free Internet access for your PDA or laptop to pass the time, so knowing in advance if an airport has it or not (or even where to find it within a sea of terminals and cafés) is invaluable.

Recognizing this need, sports a wonderful web resource for upcoming air travelers (proclaiming itself as 'the definitive guide to airport wireless connections and free airport Wi-Fi'). gives detailed information on just that, for 80 major international airports and just about every U.S. location you're likely to fly though.




January 19th, 2009

Good suggestion, Craig, I have used this site for a while. It is good. Way to point it out.

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