September 19, 2008

Martin's Mole Poblano Sauce
Lugoj, Romania

I'm really starting to think we should create some sort of CouchSurfing Cookbook—a collection of recipes from our hosts and those that we've prepared ourselves. The meal that Marin made tonight would certainly qualify for such a thing.

Dark chocolate, diced boneless chicken breast, tomatoes, cinnamon, and powdered chili—topped with sesame seeds on a plate of rice. The entire house smelled like cinnamon and chocolate.


The United States

Tom Heimburger

December 17th, 2008

Great idea!

The United States

Renee in AZ

January 18th, 2009

Ahh just one more great addition to add! I'm not much of a cook but sometimes I'm adventurous!


Craig |

February 9th, 2009

Martin finally got around to sending me the recipe for the dish!

Mexican Mole 2-3 persons

600gr of turkey fillet
1-2 cloves of garlic
2 tins of tomatoes
3 tbl. spoons of maizeena (corn flour)
6-8dl of chicken stock
ground cinnamon
ground cumin
ground cloves
ground koriander
ground Anis
4-6 dried chilies (dried or fresh)
ground pepper
ca 3/4 of a plate of dark chocolate
2 tbl spoons of roasted sesame seeds
sliced limes
3dl of basmati rice

First chop up the turkey into bits and fry them in some oil, chop up the garlig and toss it in. When the turkey is done take it out of the pot with a holed lathel so the juices are left behind. chuk in the tomatoes and the chicken stock add the spices. This is the hard part, you might need to make the dish a couple of times before you get it right, a few hints; you will need to put heaps more spices in than seems logical, even though the smell is there you will still need more. I usially start with the cinnamon, it takes quite a lot, go easy on the cumin because you get a sharp edge in the taste if you overdo it, the anis is a strong spice but you still need a lot to give it the caracteristic taste. well, basically you just need to experiment. the only thing you wanna wait with is the salt, it will be the very last thing you put in the dish. When you think the flavour is there it´s time to blend it, after that is done you put in the chocolate. And now you wanna thicken the sauce with the corn flour, it is reccomended that you shake the flour with some water in a tupperware container before added, otherwise there is a big chance of getting lumps. Just ad a little of the starch at the time, you might not need it all, and remember that it needs to boil up fully before the starch start working, so be patient, otherwise you might end up with mole jelly. (I just made brown gravy jelly the other day myself :o) when that is done you put the turkey back in and finally taste it in with some salt, carefull! i nearly ruined it last time I made the dish.

Served in with boiled rice in a hot tortilla, roasted sesame seeds sprinkled on top and lime juice squeezed over it.

Bon appetite ;o)

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