October 2, 2008

Paid Maternity Leave in Romania
Periş (Mureş), Romania

Tatiana and I have been gaining some interesting insights (from our current and previous hosts) into what it's like for first-time parents to raise children in Romania. One of the more unusual tidbits of knowledge is the maternity leave policy of the country.

We're told that here in Romania, mothers are given (by law) two years of maternity leave, during which time they're paid a stipend to help support their newborn. However; their previous position (or employment in general) isn't guaranteed should they return to work.

The stipend isn't even close to the salaries that many educated employees are pulling down, thus you're unlikely to see a pharmacist take more than a few weeks off before returning to work. But mothers who are unable to work or who've got an employed spouse making a healthy income can enjoy two years of government aid.

(Of course I'd love to give actual figures on this, but didn't want to pry too much into the finances of our hosts.)

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