October 1, 2008

The Deafening Sound of Silence
Periş (Mureş), Romania

Believe me when I tell you that it frustrates me much more than you to see this travelogue momentarily suffering in silence. Reminiscent of similar period of absent updates around this time last year, David from South Africa recently wrote in a comment, "Last time it was this quiet here, Craig just found out he was going to be a daddy…"

I can assure you, there is no second baby, but traveling full-time with an infant is certainly a draining life experience.

Last night marked our 40th consecutive night of CouchSurfing in Hungary and Romania, and I'm afraid it's become quite obvious that there's a direct correlation between CouchSurfing and (the lack of) travelogue entries.

Minding Aidric keeps us so insanely busy during the day (regular activities like keeping him entertained, changing diapers, bathing, food boiling/blending/preparation/feedings, and dealing with his miscellaneous fits of rage, teething, and crawling), plus food shopping/hunting, looking around the city/village, cooking for ourselves and usually our host(s), and then interacting with our host(s) at night (which is rather mandatory in my mind, as we're guests in their home and an interactive conversation is rather expected), that I've only enough time to get a little sleep and hit the reset button.

In short: Days are focused on a demanding Aidric, and nights on our host(s).

There's almost a suffocating absence of free time for anything personal, and it can be very frustrating experience not to even get a moment unload the day's photos off my camera, let alone sort through them or write about an experience. The only solution would be to jump out of the CouchSurfing method and pay for an overpriced hostel (think 20 euro for a dorm bed), and I just don't think that's going to happen (besides, this is really an interesting mode of travel for me).

Alternatively, I might just give up on sleep altogether. Yes, what I could do with five or six hours of free time…

Grandma Opera spinning Aidric

But despite this wildly stress-filled period of travel in my life, I'm having a wonderful time immersing myself in the towns and lifestyles of our hosts. CouchSurfing has been the saving grace of travel in Europe, and I'm thankful for those that we've interacted with and learnt so much from because of it. (take a peek at my/our CS profile)

I will continue to process photos and write travelogue entries for the very interesting month of September, so I suppose this entry will stay at the top of the list until I'm current with last month. You may opt to keep an eye on the snapshots gallery update page (or feed), where, for the time being, my photo uploads for cities visited will be slightly ahead of the travelogue posts.

Thanks for your patient readership.



Alex Oprea

October 10th, 2008

To bad you couldn't stay longer. All the best :)

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