November 5, 2008

What Will the World do Without Bush to Complain About?
Apoldu de Sus, Romania

I abstained from this year's laughable presidential election process. In fact, I didn't even know the date of the voting until our upcoming American CouchSurfing host reminded me of it last week.

To say that I didn't follow election news over the past two years is an understatement. The U.S. electoral process has become a sideshow—all but an echo of something resembling democracy and choice.

Three weeks ago I get keyed in about McCain's preposterous selection of a running mate. I think it goes without saying that the guy picked someone he knew would sink his ship. He picked the most silly, under-qualified person he could get away with, and paired up with her. Mister one-beat away from a heart attack and the soccer mom turned president—that's a winning ticket.

I'm sure very few envy the person who has to sit in the big chair and pretend that he can turn the country, economy, and war around during his short term of office. I wish the man luck.

But after nearly a decade of the world laughing and complaining about the current U.S. president, I do wonder what people will move on to next? Will Obama supply the fodder for a new wave of criticism that people will feel obliged to share with me when I disclose my nationality abroad, or will I keep hearing the same crap, turned past tense. Such things are the easiest way to keep me from talking to you.


The United States


January 7th, 2009

As my Grandfather used to say the two quickest ways to get into a fight are to start talking religion of politics. Pretty bold move, but hay we all get a cramp in our leg every now and then and have to say something about it. And you being in the world at large, proably get it in your face more than the average American.

By the way, I'm glad that the campaigns are over also.

Not to be too picky, but Govoner Palin is actually more qualified to be President (executive) than the Junior Senetor, now President Elect. Not to say that might have been McCain's plan, but she actually helped his faultering campaign. Not fighting just helping with the facts.

Great to see all the write ups. They have been a great escape over the past few cooold weeks. Hope your heel is doing better.


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